3 Best Practices To Boost Immunity

For the most part, I have stayed off social media to avoid fueling the fear-based media surrounding COVID-19

Many people have been reaching out to find ways to improve their immune system. So, here is my take on this incredibly resilient pathologic critter that is wrecking physical and emotional havoc worldwide!

The 3 best practices to implement in your life RIGHT NOW,

#1. Plant based, enzyme rich Vitamin C

I prefer NESS formula #11 Vitamin C as it is very readily assimilable thus almost immediately goes to work aiding the immune system. (Synthetic in high amounts will not be readily assimilated for immune support.)

A good friend came in and was very frustrated. They were experiencing incredible pain all over, headaches, coughing and runny nose, no energy or appetite etc. After 3 rounds of antibiotics, she was still in the same situation.

After 1 week on this protocol, they shared with me most all to the pain was gone, energy was returning, and things were headed in the right direction!

#2. High-quality Probiotic.

If you have one you know works for you, TAKE IT CONSISTENTLY!

#3. Digestive system support.

For COVID-19 a plant base product with high amounts of amylase and lipase enzymes should work best. Others are Zypan, Noni Juice, Digest Forte, fresh juice of 1 lemon in warm water to name a few.

A healthy functioning gut is the beginning of a healthy functioning immune system- so SUPPORT IT! By giving the digestive system even a little help, the immune system benefits!

A couple of nights ago, while the family was over, I went of my science nerd rant regarding COVID-19 or as I not so fondly refer to it “this very tough critter”! The rest of this article are simply thoughts and clinical observations as to what the “critter” seems to be (in my opinion) and why the above recommendations are so effective when there seemingly is nothing else to fight it!

Over the last several years, in the health care community, there has been quite a bit of discussion about Super Bugs, Stealth Pathogens etc. I am going to highlight just the last 3 years.

Between mid-November 2017 and mid-January 2018, many of my clients suffered severe flu like symptoms which revealed to be a random nondescript virus. I have in the past referred to these “random” viruses as “pocket viruses” because they hide throughout the body until one becomes stressed and compromised. At this point they become active viruses.

Despite numerous rounds of antibiotics, this “flu” continued to hang on tight! All the natural methods I had used previously, which typically resolve an infection quickly, had no affect! This was not ok with me and we were all exasperated.

Now fast forward to November 2018. Clients are getting this same symptomatology as before! So, I dig deeper on my testing and fungal infections show to be the main culprit this year. Much like 2017, neither antibiotics (which aggravated the fungal infection) nor my antifungal protocol produced satisfactory results!

Rather than waiting to “see how things worked out”, I switched the treatment to target both the virus and fungal issues simultaneously! We had a jump on the super resilient critter way before Christmas! The best part is that a significant majority of my clients were healthy and enjoyed Christmas 2018!!

Mid-November 2019, we started the Vitamin C, Probiotics and Digestive support. It was important to get a head start on immune support prior to all the Holiday parties and indiscretions, which of course is one of the best things about Holidays! We in the office stayed healthy and even more importantly, there were very few cases of “super flu” and most of our clients remained healthy and strong throughout!

This virus titled COVID-19, I strongly suspect has been around for quite some time. At the very least traceable via the above timeline. There simply were no tests to definitively diagnose and name it! Now they have one, yet no treatment. The strength of COVID-19 in my opinion, is because having both a virus and a fungus linked together, behaving as one organism, is extremely difficult to destroy! The treatment must be a simultaneously approach of Vitamin C, Probiotic and Digestive Support which minimizes fungal growth by adding large amounts of positive bacteria while supporting the immune system to such a powerhouse, that no virus is able to take over!

If the germ theory is correct in that germs cause disease, then we would all be sick all the time!

Please understand this concept… there are massive amounts of germs in each encounter during our normal daily routines.

Those who manifest illness symptomatology from bacteria, viruses or fungi can only do so if their immune system is run down!

The most reliable way to fight off infection is to live a health filled lifestyle via 80/20 rule!


The above recommendations have been know to boost immunity relatively quickly. Echinacea, Golden Seal, Elderberry and many other herbs, oils etc. are incredible for building up immunity when used consistently over time.


Live Long, Live Strong and Create a Healthier You!
Christine Moore DC, DICCP, CN

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