Auto Immune Disorders (AID)-A Natural Approach

Auto Immune Disorders (AID)-A Natural Approach

Let’s begin with a simple definition of what AID means.

Auto Immune Disorders are illnesses that causes the immune system to attack normal body tissues.

Is it just me (certainly not!) or have many of you noticed a dramatic increase in the number of new autoimmune disorders among the commonly known auto immune disorders, i.e.: Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Graves?

For years the term “super bugs” has been defined as an infection that is resistant to any form of treatment. Twenty years ago, in my functional wellness practice, I found many of the “super bugs” to be viral in nature therefore not responding to antibiotic therapy. Hence the connection between super bugs and autoimmune disorders.

While teaching a class about strengthening people’s immune system, the question of HOW pathogens become “super bugs” was chewing on me!
My research revealed that the only living organism that will bond to, and survive alongside a “bug” unlike itself, is a virus. So, with all the genetic modification and restructuring of our food sources over the last 30-40 years, anyone who eats food has been heavily exposed to countless viral strains unwittingly! This is, in my opinion a game changer for the health of Americans!

Over the years, these previously termed “super bugs” have become known as Stealth Pathogens! Stealth because they undetectable and lay dormant within tissues. These infectious stealth organisms activate and become detectable autoimmune disorders with stress and pH changes in the body.

Once activated, the infection spreads rapidly and seemingly overnight, illness takes over, manifesting as an Autoimmune Disorder!

Common symptoms of AID that are often ignored as “aging” are brain fog, spaciness, irregular sleep, sugar cravings, pain, abnormal lab results and on and on. This is your body speaking to you! Listen!

Consistent physical, structural and spiritual lifestyles not only keep you energetic and feeling well, it can also prevent or at least stack the deck in your favor, against chronic degenerative diseases!

For more details on natural ways to protect against these Autoimmune Disorder causing stealth pathogens, see the nutrition page of

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