Our feet are proportionately small relative to the rest of our body. They put up with years of abuse wear and tear from improperly fitting shoes to stubbed toes and sprains, not to mention all that is involved in long distance running and high intensity work outs. At some point the feet will pay you back! How do the feet pay you back you ask(or you may know!) Plantar fascitis, corns, bunions, plantars warts, achilles tendonitis, shin splints and painful tight IT bands to name a few extremely incapacitating conditions.

We have the latest technology to electronically scan your gait. The price point is truly the best on the market for such a high quality fully guaranteed custom product! Together we chose the best material for your orthotic. Footmaxx has countless combinations for any style of shoe!

Dr. Moore has even worked for several months to design an orthotic that works with the numerous types of sandals worn almost year round in Texas!! Footmaxx named them appropriately-“Dr. Moore’s Specials!” They are truly a game changer for feet in sandals!