Have you ever wondered why you feel stuffed following a light, healthy meal, or why some foods make you sick and cause you pain? Proper nutrition is vital to a life of wellness, but every person has unique nutritional requirements. For over 31 years, Dr. Moore has helped thousands of people achieve optimum health through nutritional counseling.

Using Applied Kinesiology and Contact Reflex Analysis, Dr. Moore will design a nutritional program consisting of foods that agree with your body and let you know which foods you should avoid, creating a nutritional template that is specific to your body’s needs. It is integral to her nutrition consults for you to know what your blood type is. If you do not know what it is, we can quickly determine it.

Depending on the nature of the condition, it typically takes 6 months with this process to restore balance to a system in disrepair. **Yes, it is dependent on compliance and severity of the case. This is an average.

Blood lab work is a very important tool in the health building and maintaining process. Immense benefit come from knowing your blood type, cholesterol, electrolyte and hormone levels. The great news is that anyone can get their lab work done on their own and hand carry it to their physician of choice to devise a plan! This link is one source of lab work t6o be done in your home at a fraction of the price from a doctors office. Locally, Anytime Labs is available on a first come first serve basis with the test results being performed by the major diagnostic labs close by ! Anytime Lab also has a manageable price point.

Life is about balance is all aspects!