Dr. Moore is a Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatrics. She participated in the very first program offered in 1993.

It may seem improbable that a baby or young child might need chiropractic care, but consider the physical trauma that children go through, from the arduous birth process to the numerous falls from learning to walk, and a child’s rigorous activity on a playground. They are constantly twisting, bending, stretching, dodging and pulling.

Dr. Moore has had the honor of adjusting hundreds of babies on their way home from the hospital or birthing center!  What a great way to begin life on earth!  This most common concern for newborns is teaching them how to burp properly and get them used to taking food in through their mouths rather than the umbilical cord.  Dr. Christine Moore and  Dr. Sharon Wiener of Pediatric Offices at  Willow Bend have come together to teach new parents about the natural caring methods of newborns.  Classes to mom’s groups or church groups are available.  Call 469.467.1125

A pediatric chiropractor can help your child with growing pains, scoliosis, ear infections, colic, lazy eye, bed wetting, and constipation.

Adults can tell a doctor where it hurts. Children often cannot. Dr. Moore works on the vertebral subluxation complex to find the source of the problem and bring relief. She is fondly referred to by many as the “baby whisperer”!

Should you vaccinate your child?

This Vaccine Primer is taken from interviews of experts recorded during the Weekend of October 2-4, 2009 at the NVIC Vaccine Safety Conference “Show Us the Science & Give Us a Choice” in Reston, Virginia

Our little patients love us as much as we love them!!
Infrared therapy gives much relief to congested chest & sinus’

Elliott – 8 months, not rolling over crawling, hands in fist all the time. A couple minutes into the adjustment, hands were open and he was posturing for rolling over as well as legs now flexing him into the crawl rocking position!