Detox – Standard Process Purification Program

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We are starting to gather the January Detox group (aka Standard Process Purification program)!

Things to be aware of:

*All detox supplement packs are 15% when purchased during the month of December

*There are both 10-day and 21-day options.  If you are new to the Detox world, begin with a 10 day!  Many have done this and ended up feeling such a difference, they continue on for the full 21 days.

*Each program serves a different purpose.  The 21 Day Detox is best for people who have lab results that are out of the normal range, or those who are having chronic annoying health issues.  In 21 days, the lymphatic system, elimination system, and digestive systems are cleaned out.  In addition, the inflammatory markers are significantly reduced which results in better energy, improved quality of sleep, loss of inches, and weight.  It is very common to have once aberrant lab results come to within the normal range.

The 10-day detox is geared towards those who want a quick jump-start for better health.  It is also used for those like myself who have decades of experience doing the 21 Day detox, with good lab results, and just want a quick reset.  This quiets down the inflammatory markers while aiding in improved sleep, energy, and improved digestion.  It’s always nice to get free of being a bit fluffy!!

*New addition this time is a product that has a significant effect on heavy metal detoxification!  I have been using this product called GI Adsorb this month and am very impressed with the results I have experienced!  I will be doing a heavy metal detox in January and am excited about what happens after the 21 days!

*I am happy to test which detox program will be the most beneficial for each person to pursue.  Possible programs are: Heavy metal, Sugar handling, Inflammation, Digestion, Female Hormone Balancing, Male hormone balancing

*Last January I hosted a weekly zoom meet-up for Q&A.  It was received very well and will be repeated this January as well.

*Standard Process of North Texas is also starting media support for their group detox beginning January 3rd. This will be packed with great detox wisdom, suggestions, and relief in knowing many more are in your same process!

I hope you reach out and join us or even inquire about what is possible.  I have been doing 3 of the various detox programs for 20 years.  This is what I consider my medical regime and insurance policy!  All we can do is stack the deck in our favor, doing the best we can each day.  Then, at the end of the day, let the chips fall where they may! My personal reasons for the 3 times a year are 1. Clean up after the holiday indulgences 2. May to get ready for summer and 3. August to make up for all the barbecues and lake/pool fun! So far so good on this system!

How great it is to be the best you can be and then live accordingly!  What does that look and feel like to you!?  Join us.

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