Genes determine a tendency, Environment determines manifestation, and Healthy nutrition and exercise habits change the gene pool

Each day, in both my personal and professional arenas, I am amazed at the rapid degradation of health in todays world. Serious ailments are occurring at much earlier ages. Illnesses, that when I first began my career, would only occur later in life! A message I truly want EVERYONE to hear and own is that health is simple to achieve IF you are consistent, which in my experience is where it gets difficult for most.

A quote I share a lot is “Genes determine a tendency, Environment determines manifestation, and Healthy nutrition and exercise habits change the gene pool”! This is absolutely the truth! To emphasize the same point, if you desire to know why your health is or is not good today, review your past lifestyle and dietary habits. If you want to know where you will be in the future, look at what you are doing today!

With so much diet rhetoric out today, it is extremely confusing to decipher which road to follow! The increased use of genetic testing as an indicator of nutritional deficiencies is extremely detailed. The first gene snyp I had done was $1000 and only checked three snyps! Now the price point is half that and yet gives the basic same information as two authors I respect whose books were published in 1985 & 1996.

I consistently refer to Fit for Life by the Diamonds and The Blood Type Diet by Peter D’Adamo. While the process of proper food combining and specific foods for certain blood types may seem too simplistic, I have decades of cases that prove its success. Currently, when I review the reports of genetic tests, the recommendations parallel that of the D’Adamo’s work from 1996!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, be willing to look at these processes. There are no two people alike. We all have our own set of challenges, even the blood type life style is a guideline rather than an absolute! Therefore, be open to making baby step nutritional changes. Should you get stuck or confused, call the office or email me, and as an old professor used to say “We will dig it together”!

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