How Early Can I Have My Baby Adjusted?

From the photos on my website, I hope you have noticed a good number of infant angels whom I am honored to care for! There are so many questions surrounding the necessity of infant adjusting. The inquiries vary from not knowing that we treat babies, to why would babies need to be adjusted to how soon after birth are babies able to receive an adjustment.

I would like to address these very important questions first. Yes, I do treat babies from one hour old on! I have a Diplomat in Chiropractic Pediatrics which is a three-year course of study on a topic that is in my heart. Another title I am called by, which is my favorite, is “The Baby Whisperer”! All three of my now adult children were home births with incredible midwives. As soon as they were all checked over and cleaned up, approximately one-hour post-partum, they all received their first, gentle chiropractic adjustment! To me, all babies are so amazing! They want to be loved, fed and cared for. It is my feeling that the infants are all knowing and these new adults in their world are an oddity!!

The most obvious reason for adjusting or at the very least checking newborns asap is they have been in a very cramped space for quite a long time! Pregnancy and delivery are a challenge for both mother and baby! I know how I feel when I have slept in one place for too long or curled up reading a book for an extended period. It takes me a few moments to unfold and may be a bit stiff. Because of the “tight quarters” your baby has come from, simply be observant. By this I mean pay attention to how your baby moves. Are the movements in the arms and legs similarly balanced and flexible on each limb? Does their head always stay in one position? Is the head shape flat anywhere? Any of these restrictions is a good reason to have a Chiropractor check it out.

A challenge encountered almost immediately is teaching the baby how to burp. Anyone who has had a child or has been up all night with a colicky baby, understands the value of burp now or pay later with pain and no sleep! A very gracious friend shared with me a fabulous burping technique! IT WORKS! You can find it on Moore Wellness well baby series colic .

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