In the Summer Heat Think… Electrolytes

We have had an incredibly extended cooler spring here in North Texas! However, it is over, and we are in the heavy wall of 100+ degree humidity! Ugh! Along with this comes dehydration and electrolyte depletion which can quickly sneak up on us. Today, I want to give some suggestions on how to keep your healthy sparkle and energy up during the heat of summer!

Elderly and very young people are at risk for adequate mineral salt retention during this time of year. Some say “they are good” because they drink the right amount of water. Others don’t drink any water because they don’t like the taste!!! Please know that most folks can live quite awhile without food and yet not very long without water. In healthy states, water makes up 70% of our body composition!!!! That is huge! Clean water needs to go in every day to keep blood flowing and clean out waste as best as possible! (This is a very simplified version of why we need water). Truly, how would you like to save you shower or bath water, and reuse it every day for YEARS? Now that would be nasty!

The goal for all healthy living is balance physically, chemically and spiritually. There is a trio of nutrients that must be in perfect balance for proper hydration. They are protein, water and electrolytes. all must be present in the perfect amounts to maintain stamina and mental clarity in hot climates or intense physical endurance training. When concerns about dehydration come up, take inventory of how much of each, water, protein and salts you are eating/drinking. They are not equal ounce for ounce, simply beware of one of the three that may be carrying the load!

Here are a couple of sacrilegious nutritional options for quick and easy electrolyte replacement.

Electrolyte Replacement Lemonade

    1 can frozen concentrate Lemonade mix per can directions
    1 bottle of regular Sprite
    In a sports bottle, add 3 oz. Lemonade and 3 oz Sprite (not the whole juice picture, I know it tastes great, but this is medicinal)

Regular ole Lays Potato Chips

Pickle juice

Please realize that I use a balanced replacement powder from a whole food nutrition company PURE. This is when I am home and in my regular routine, and if I have not prepared for an unexpected extreme heat hike etc. However, for traveling athletes or when traveling period, the above-mentioned sacrilegious options are much easier to find at a convenience store etc. Give the first option a shot. As a mentor of mine said when I questioned him about the “nutritional quality”, he simply said, “Prove me wrong doc!”

He was correct!

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