A Healthcare Provider’s Thoughts on Health Mandates

First, I am a firm believer in free choice.  Logistically how that plays out in the office operations is whoever feels compelled to face cover, they are more than welcome to do so.  Those who are not, are also more than welcome to do so.  The same policy holds for ANY vaccination! I believe we, living in a FREE country, have the privilege to decide what we put into our bodies!  Additionally, it is also ours, and ours alone, to choose the right health care path for ourselves!! No person nor entity has the right nor obligation to dictate to any person or group what is the best health regime.  For example, Adkins/Paleo/Keto, all the same diet but marketed differently. The same goes for Plant-based/Pritikin/Vegan.  These are simplistic, yet very clear examples that one size/program DOES NOT fit all!!! Thank God we are all created special and unique!

As a practicing Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist since 1985, I have had the benefit of observing numerous health care, behavior, and diet patterns. Some are favorable and others are significantly detrimental. To that point, we in the health profession as a whole, see maladies that were once rare are now commonplace! Health concerns that were once simply resolved, now are as challenging as climbing Mt Denali.

I do not intend to site stats in this brief notation, do the research!  The current all-inclusive, governing bodies, are failing miserably!!  We have more minute clinics, hospitals, rehab centers, weight loss centers, and fast-food restaurants than ever before! America is the best place to live due to the immense freedoms we cherish, yet the sickest most unhealthy, over-fed, and overwhelmed country!

When my kids entered public school, the administration bullied one into thinking vaccinations were mandatory.  I provided the religious exemption for all three kids.  It basically states that as part of the Christian Community, we opt out of placing foreign substances in our body — simple, right?

Because of all this current sub-status quo, I am overly pleased that my children were not vaccinated as infants. As adults today, they are free to make their own choices, as am I.

The solution to out-of-control health status and the health (sick) care program is to take disciplined, personal responsibility for your health and well-being.  Listen, read, discuss, and ultimately trust yourself on what is best for you!  I choose a healthy lifestyle so that I may live life to its fullest until the day comes that I can’t!

Please know that Texas is, and always has been, a free-choice state regarding vaccinations!!! If you pay any attention to the media, you will be led to think otherwise. Lastly please note the definitions of the words “mandate” and “law” below.



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